Friday, May 9, 2008

Our Indie Hit Parade Continues!

The Alphabet Garden (Where Young Minds Blossom) is a full-service children's bookstore. They carry books for all ages, including grown-ups. And, they are happy to special order anything. Don't you love that about a book store?

The AG offers storybook-themed birthday parties, storytime, a full range of speakers, authors/illustrator signings, and a Teacher's Only Night with free classroom materials and discounts, and snacks!

Pictured above is the Owner/Manager Karlene Rearick. She looks very happy, and if I had my own independent bookstore, I'd look that happy, too (Sigh)

Today's indie comes to you courtesy of SVP reader, Debbie Freedman who is now in the running for our big prize-a-rooney.

You can find The Alphabet Garden at:
132 Elm Street
Chesire, Conneticut, 06410
Phone: (203) 439-7766 Fax: (203) 439-7768.
Check them out, give them a howdy and congrats at their website.

Let's hear it from our SVP cheer squad! Give me an "A"! A "B"! A "C".
What's it spell? ALPHABET GARDEN!

**If you are just coming by our blog for the first time in a few days, make sure you read Robin's entry from yesterday about Solo Book Signings. It's terrific and I don't want anyone to miss it.**



tanita✿davis said...

A Teacher's Only night!? BRILLIANT idea! What a cool shop!

Jennifer R. Hubbard said...

Hurray for Cheshire, CT! (I once lived in Unionville/Farmington, CT.)
Pining for I-84, the 06 zip codes, and the Alphabet Garden . . .

Jennifer R. Hubbard said...

I just had an idea for an additional way to celebrate this Indie month.
Anyone who's bought a book from a featured store, or from their local indie, between certain dates (say, May 1 to June 10), could send the receipt in to SVP by a certain date (say, June 25) for a drawing to win some fantastic prize(s). The more books they've bought, the more entries they get.
Not sure what the fantastic prizes would be, but you've come up with some good ones in the past. Maybe gift certificates for some of these bookstores? (Would have to allow online purchases.)
Is this a workable idea?

Mary Hershey said...

Tad, I feel I have no other alternative than to offer you the position of HEAD CHEERLEADER for the Indies!
cOnGrAtUlAtIoNs! As the HC, you may now pick your official squad. Violets, Vinnies,it's your big chance. Chances are not a lot of us introverts were cheerleaders. But, a virtual cheerleader? Do-able!
Tad, take it away! Try-out time--

LA-- what a marvelous idea! Let me chew on the logistics a minute and see what we can come up with.


Unknown said...

Hurray for ALPHABET GARDEN! A hidden gem.