Monday, May 26, 2008

And the Winner of the 2008 Independent Bookseller of the Year Goes To . . .

. . . goes to . . . WAIT!!! Stop the press! We haven't gotten your entry yet!

I know! It's hard when your eyes are spinning from the orgy of indies we've been teasing you with all month. Serious brain candy, I know. But now it's time to get down to some VIB. (Very Important Business).

It is time to select our Bookseller of the Year! That very special person of yours that has toiled for you, your friends, your family, your readers, your fourth grade class, for the elderly woman that takes forever to pick a book, and the lonely guy that waxes on about his old hometown bookstore --that special bookseller that happily climbs over the stack of kids splayed in the aisles, that really is the Yentl for books and readers, that never tires of talking up a a new work, that will jump on that sliding ladder to get you the book you need from the very tippy top shelf-- yeah, that's them. That's the person we need to know about. And, how will we know if you don't tell us??

Don't know their name? Call your bookstore right now. Uh-huh, n-o-w. Find out. And, then email us their name and why you think they should be Bookseller of the Year. Do you really want us to have this contest without your bookseller entered?

Didn't think so. Send it to Here's my bookseller, Mary!

We will be announcing the winner on Saturday from Book Expo America. Don't miss it.

Mary & Robin

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