Friday, June 29, 2007

Where the Heck We've Been

Dear Violets & Vinnies & Friends of all sorts,

'Lest you think we've both been kidnapped by a wild band of Renegade Extroverts-- let me reassure you that we-- uh, wait-a-second, we HAVE been hijacked by a bunch of E's!

And, we're both just now making our way back to our lives, and can't wait to catch up with one another (Hi, Robin! I've missed you BIG) and all of you!

I've been off watching my partner race her bike across America and you'd think out of consideration for me, she could have raced out and back. Like maybe turn around in Colorado or something? But, no! She made it to Atlantic City in record time, and I've been off picking her up and driving her and her totally wasted teammates home. Gawd. What a bunch of wild thangs.
Congratulations, girls, you were AWESOME.

Robin has been on faculty this past week at the celebrated Santa Barbara Writer's Conference where she joined Ray Bradbury, Carolyn See, Gail Tsukiyama, and a host of other stellar authors. I am quite certain she has blowing the socks off writers with her expertise and deep love of the craft.

Robin and I are looking forward to debriefing and rebooting over the weekend, and then we will be hitting the trail running with some great upcoming Shrinking Violet blogs.

Stay tuned for some fun plans for a Shrinking Violet Get Together at SCBWI Nationals, more of the Coolest (and Hottest) Introverts in Children's Literature, Shrinking Violet Favorite Hideaways, Ten Tips to a Quick Reboot, How to Train (read Torture) your Favorite Extrovert.

Back on Monday!

Mary Hershey

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh, I’m crushed!

Mary, you plan to have a Shrinking Violet Get Together at the SCBWI Nationals? Sigh. I’m moving to California!

Kimberly Lynn

P. S.

Um, after I convince my husband that is. And selling waterfront homes in Florida has been a little shaky lately. Ha. Maybe next year. I'll be there in spirit though. Take care.