Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Ask Ms. Viola: On Switching Teams

Helloooo, helloooo, darling Violets & dashing Vinnies!

I'm back from my travels in India where I've been hot on the trail of a remedy for our poor reader "Call me Ishmael". If you recall, Ish has somewhat of a delicate problem that is interfering with her ability to do public speaking. Do hold on, my love, Ms. Viola won't let you down. We did find one promising concoction, but it did have an eensy side effect that you might find a irksome if you're not partial to hairy lobes. That Lord of the Rings look is very chic in some areas if you can pull it off. We'll keep working away on that for you!

This month's winning question comes from our reader named Sam. I can't tell if Sam is a Vinnie or Violet, but in matters of Intros and Extros, it doesn't much matter!

Dear Ms. Viola,

Do you think it is possible for an extrovert to transform into an introvert? Can I learn it? Are there books, tapes, or coaches that can help me with this? I'm a writer, and I have a hard time with the whole isolation bit. I spend way too much time going to blogs, text messaging, hanging out at the gym, wondering what all the other writers are doing, etc. Plus my girlfriend is a Major Introvert and I'm driving her nuts. She thinks I'm needy. I like to think I'm just friendly, but--
Could use a hand here!

Dear Sam,

Let's not have you change your stripes, darling, they can work for you-- trust me. And while you can dress a zebra in paisley, it's just a very bad idea. Now, a nice little paisely clutch to go with the stripes and offset the big hooves is fine, but not an entire ensemble. I shudder, Sam!

Seriously, the world of writers is full of extroverts, and I'm sure you will find that many of them have found ways to both write and fill their social well. If you are constantly being pulled out of your work by the need for a blog fix, it may be that you are running on battery that hasn't been fully charged. Which might very well be true, if your Love Connection is an Introvert and you aren't getting enough kissy kiss face time.

Before you sit down to write, Sam, check your battery! It's somewhere under your hood--metaphorically speaking, of course, and comes with a handy dipstick. Or, is that how you check the gas? I never can remember. Anyway, Sam, are you charged? Have you gotten the social time that you absolutely need? E's need lots of input/output and connection with others. If you need to, leave your writing, go take care of it, and then come back. It is very difficult to be creative when you are a quart low, or in the red zone. Oh, my-- just call me Jiffy Lube Lola. I can almost smell the grease. Tre' butch!

Now, Sam, have you thought about a collaborative writing project? That might be another option for you to consider. Or, perhaps, writing with another writer, even if you are working on different things. You can take your laptops down to a House of Joe and work side by side. Write a little, chat a little, write-chat-write! Perhaps that would allow you to create and be stimulated?

Sam, dear, do stay in touch and let me know how you are doing!

I'm longing to stay and chat, but Phil and O need some face time from me themselves. Until next time-- do write and let me know how I can help. I'm here for you.

Ms. Viola XO


Robin L said...

And you know, if a collaborative writing project doesn't work out, you could always do a collaborative blog project. ;-)

Seems to me I know a person or two who've had some success with that.

And thanks, Ms. V, for stopping by again! Smooches!

Jennifer J. said...

A writing friend of mine and I meet on Fridays at a coffee shop for our "accountability lunch." We tell each other what we have accomplished writing-wise, we talk business, we have fun, and yes, we write, too.
It's not too noisy and it's not too crowded, and once a week is enough for me.