Thursday, June 7, 2007

Top Ten Reasons To Shop at an Independent Bookstore

10. An independent bookseller would never, ever send a child to "... go check in the Business Technology section" for Charlotte's Web.

9. Because independent bookstores are smaller, one is less likely to loose one's children. One can also keep an eye on the children while looking at other sections.

8. An independent bookseller does not carry Madonna's latest effort, nor the one by Terrell Owens, nor any other poorly written book (even if it ends up on bestseller lists. An independent bookseller has principles and really good books on the shelves.

7. They have used books for sale as well, intershelved with the new (I like bargains).

6. When you ask for A Seed is Sleepy they don't look at you like you are crazy.

5. The children's section is much tidier and more appealing (although I blame the parents for this, not the chain book stores...)

4. The independents don't have tons of candy at the front counter to tempt you while you are waiting. (Okay, maybe that's just my personal issue!) The indies assume you have higher order tastes in life. They'd be wrong, but I like the assumption.

3. An independent bookstore is likely to have a handy list of all of the titles in the series that you're starting, in order. And they'll have all of the titles, too, not just the new one.

2. An independent bookseller chooses her own manager's picks. They aren't forced upon her by "the guys at corporate".

And the number one reason to shop at indie bookstores is...

1. If you go in to an indie bookstore and ask for that book with the green cover with a title that had something to do with bananas and light bulbs, they’ll know exactly what you’re talking about.


Anonymous said...

I would shop at my local indie bookstore more often if they had a better romance section.

I found your site courtesy of Janette Rallison and I think it's great. I so wish I could just write my books and let someone else do the promoting. I'm looking forward to reading more.

Robin L said...

You know, Celise, I've heard this exact same thing from a number of other romance readers and writers. I wonder why that is...

Anonymous said...

Love your list...though being the wife of a giant bookstore manager (and having worked for said company myself) I must say that there are a few readers still working at the giants. My husband is that guy who can tell you where just about every book in the store is with only minor details (i.e. it's green and starts with a "c"). He also frequently orders into the store small run novels and poetry books that he's enjoyed or that have been recommended to him and refuses to put his recommendation on any book that he hasn't read or enjoyed. He's working to keep the independent spirit alive in his bookstore giant.

Robin L said...


And thank god for chain managers like your husband! I'm sure his customers appreciate the incredible efforts he goes to to give them a fully rounded bookstore!