Sunday, May 31, 2009

Let's Hear it For our Amazing Field Reporters!

We have reached the end of our annual National  Independent Bookseller Month, and I want to catch our collective breath and thank each of our Shrinking Violet Field Reporters for the outstanding job they did with their profiles.  We have been all over the continent-- from Canada to Utah, Colorado to Texas and Alabama, Illinois and California. Whew!  It has been such great fun hearing about each of these indies, their owners and staff, their philosophies and mission statements, and all the innovative community programs they offer.  So, please join me in giving each of our stellar reporters-- Sherrie, Bonnie, Emily, Irene, Elizabeth, Mar'ce, and Yat-Yee --a cyber-standing-ovation!  Stellar work, everyone!

Congratulations to our Field Reporter BONI ASHBURN whose name has been drawn from those that submitted a indie profile.  Boni, you have  a $50.00 Indie Bound gift card with your name on it to enjoy! 

And, EMILY WING SMITH is the winner of our $100.00 Indie Bound gift card!  Way to go, Emily.  Emily's name was pulled from the raffle of all those readers that linked one of our Indie Profile posts to their blog or website.  So thrilled for you, Emily!

In this Thursday's post, Robin will be making the BIG announcement-- WHO will be crowned our 2009 Independent SVP Bookseller of the Year? Former winners of the SVP crown include Kris Vreeland of Vroman's in Pasadena, California, and Alex Uhl of A Whale of a Tale Book Shoppe in Irvine, California.  In addition to the much sought after title, 
our new royalty will be given a generous gift certificate for dinner for two at their personal favorite restuarant, and we will be profiling them here shortly.  It's a nailbiter, for sure!  Do make sure you come on back Thursday for the results!

Field Reporters starting with top row left to right:  Sherrie Petersen, Boni Ashburn; second row:  Emily Wing Smith, Elizabeth Loupas; third row: Irene Latham; fourth row: Mar'ce Merrell, Yat-Yee Chong.


Boni Ashburn said...

Oh my gosh- thank you guys!! Thanks for letting me profile one of my favorite bookstores- it didn't even feel like work. And gee, a gift certificate- just what I need- an excuse to go to a bookstore :)

Also, after seeing this post, I realized I need to get a new author photo! All these other writers have LOVELY photos and mine looks a little, er, school picture-ish. Egad.

Anonymous said...

You ladies did a fabulous job!

Robin L said...

We want to thank you all for participating in our National Indie Bookseller Month and making it so spectacular! Your reports were faBuLOUs!

(And Boni, you're picture is fine!) In fact, we were commenting on how gorgeous you all were!

Mary Hershey said...

Yes, yes, a thousand thanks to you all, and those of you that shouted out your cyber-kudos to the indies in our comments.

It's so true about how gorgeous all our reporters are! I think you all should pitch a television series-- something like UVI: Undercover Violet Investigations :-) I can see the opening of it in my mind... great clothes, fast cars, swanky restaurants, very high-tech spy equipment.


Anonymous said...

Thanks and congrats to our Intrepid Introverts!

Yat-Yee said...

Mary: I think that is a book waiting to be written.

Who wants first dips?

Thanks, Mary and Robin, for giving us introverts a chance to go out there to make connections.

Emily Wing Smith said...

Woo-hoo! I've been away from Internet since Saturday and just saw the news. Thank you so much for running this amazing Independent Bookseller Month extravaganza!

tanita✿davis said...

Yaay! Woot! Whoo hoo!

Honestly, I don't have an author pic, and all of these have made me think of HOW to do it, not how NOT to, Boni! That was my first thought: how AWESOME you all look!

Anonymous said...

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