Thursday, May 7, 2009

Indie Parade: WHAT A LEGACY!

One of the major highlights of my recent Dallas trip was getting to visit Legacy Books in Plano, Texas. I’m telling you, this bookstore had me drooling. So much so, that my escort had to almost drag me to the signing table because there were so many BOOKS calling to me, and so many NEAT THINGS. And as if that all weren’t enough, it was all laid out in a huge, clean, elegant space. No crowding, just lots and lots of room to browse. Honestly, I have never seen an Indie this big. 24,000 square feet of books? Their kid section alone is as big as many indie’s entire stores! I was hooked.

Unfortunately, they are quite a few hundred miles from where I live, so stopping by often to browse is not an option. I thought instead, I’d profile them for our Indie Bookseller Month and be sure all of you in the area knew about them and so could stop by and browse to your heart’s content.

Legacy Books is an event powerhouse, hosting 27 events in April and 33 in May! How author friendly is that? They also have kiddie hour and get this, a demo kitchen for cookbooks--and a café if you get hungry while browsing those cookbooks!

And speaking of author friendly, while I was there I mostly got to hang out with Kyle Hall, Legacy's Director of Marketing and Events. We had a great time chatting books and tours and he did everything he could to make me feel welcome and ensure my book signing went smoothly. Very helpful, knowledgeable guy! Exactly what you'd expect from a stellar independent bookstore.

On their website, they point out some very compelling reasons to shop locally; such as 68% of your money stays in your community when you shop independents, as well as leaves a smaller carbon footprint with less packaging and transportation costs.

Legacy Books is located at
7300 Dallas Pkwy
Plano, TX 75024
(972) 398-9888

or can be found on line at LegacyBooksOnline.

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hollygee said...

That sounds like my kind of store!

May I bring up two indies that live large in my memory although I haven't been to the first in 40 years?
Tecolote Book Store in the Montecito Village. I worked there and at their [dear departed] store in El Paseo. Mickey was the tiny dynamo who was the buyer for adult books, Julia Cunningham [herself an excellent children's author] bought for the children's section. Tecolote, I read is still going.
In more recent history in Moonraker books on Whidbey Island (Langley WA) is a tiny jewelbox of bookstore run by Josh. It is everything that you would like to find when you are on vacation in a beautiful little town.
Thanks for the oportunity to talk about my favorites.

R.L. LaFevers said...

Holly, we're so glad you stopped by to talk about your favorite bookstores. That's what this month is all about!

Yes, Tecelote is still there. I've visited it myself a couple of months ago. Such a charming little place.

And of course, now I want to go vacation on Whidby Island!

Thanks Holly!

Anonymous said...

"24,000 square feet of books? Their kid section alone is as big as many indie’s entire stores!"

Mary Hershey said...

Which just goes to prove what I've come to believe-- EVERYthing in Texas is bigger than life.

Yah, what Jennifer said. Drooling!!!

Thanks for profiling this amazing indie, Robin!

Mary Hershey

Sherrie Petersen said...

Okay, the pictures alone make me want to spend the day there. What a great store!

tanita✿davis said...

Oh, my word. A children's section THAT big? Srsly? Man, Texas. Awesome.

Celise said...

Wow! That's a really beautiful bookstore. I could totally get lost there and not complain one bit. Just show me the Romance section and I'll be fine.

Thanks for doing this again. I've been making a list of all the indies that are shocased on here so that I can do business with them later.