Monday, November 5, 2007

S.O.S. from the Shrinking Violets!

Help! The Shrinking Violets-- aka Mary and Robin, have been abducted by bands of Wild Energy Seeking Extraverts. Eeeek! Our inner batteries are dwindling by the moment. Code Red!Code Blue! (Pant, huff,wheeze, sputter. . .)

We NEED your collective and life-sustaining introvert mojo sent our way. Do you have an extra pint or two you can spare?

Please-- can you hook us up??

Perhaps you can send it to us via this blog-o-sphere . . . our lights will begin to flicker, slowly turn to hum, and we'll be back in the saddle on Thursday. Perhaps a tad emotionally anemic, but back in the saddle in marvelous company once more.

Thanks, everyone!


Anonymous said...

Gotta just say "no" to those energy suckers. My kids and I ran away from the extravert kids across the street who wanted to trick-or-treat with us. Did that once. Never again! They trick-or-treat at top speed AND top volume. It isn't their fault that they are extraverts, but I just couldn't deal with the nonstop talking/yelling. It was difficult to get away from them, and I felt bad about it, but I knew for my own sanity and that of my children, I had to.

Anonymous said...

The ladies' room can always serve as a temporary emergency refuge--unless the extraverts in question are also ladies.

Saints and Spinners said...

I believe my 4 year old daughter is an introvert. However, when she asks the incessant questions non-stop, I sometimes wonder if she's trying on extrovertedness on for size. Gadzooks. Send me a pint of mojo, too, while you're at it. I'll let you know when I find the well.

Anonymous said...

Chocolate anything! consumed even while running away from the extroverts and/or hiding under the bed does wonders for "introversion refuelagation." Num-numb!