Thursday, November 22, 2007

Six Things This Introvert Is Grateful For

That turkey is the official food of Thanksgiving—all that tryptophan makes everyone sleepy and mellows the extroverts out, making them much more tolerable.

Ipod earbuds, which come in oh-so-handy, even when I’m not listening to anything.

Pop out turkey thermometers that tell you exactly when that sucker is done and therefore eliminates any guesswork that may lead to an epidemic of salmonella among your guests.

The wonders of internet technology, which allow me to engage in marketing and promotion in a much more manageable way.

That Mary and I have met so many kindred souls through this blog. We had no idea when we started it how many wonderful people we would meet—and all introverts!

That I’m living the life of my dreams—the very life I dared to want when I was fourteen, and that I feared was way too distant a star to reach for.

How about you? What are you grateful for?


Anonymous said...

I am grateful that I'm an introvert. The alternative is not appealing. I like being inwardly directed.

Jennifer R. Hubbard said...

If you're really interested, I posted my thanks here:

but I'm also grateful I had a little quality solitude yesterday, as well as family time.

Mary Hershey said...

I'm also grateful to all of your Violet and Vinnies out there, and for my years of friendship with Robin!

And, for having the rich privilege to write for children . . .

And, to get to be living this life. Wouldn't trade with anyone--
it just keeps getting better and better.

And, the saints be praised that I was born in introvert!

Miss Happy Mashed Potato Pants Herself,
Mary Hershey

Anonymous said...

I’m grateful for the miracle of invention so that I can have friends like Mary, Robin, and all the other Shrinking Violets and Vinnies on this planet . . . just with one click of a mouse.

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Kimberly Lynn

Anonymous said...

I am thankful for a better understanding of my introverted friends! And so, thanks to you, Robin and Mary, for enlightening me as an extrovert. I learn as much about myself here as I do about others, and that can never be a bad thing!

Oh, and I am thankful to be well on the way to Turkey Detox and less coffee than when my brother was visiting. :)

~Thalia Chaltas

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