Monday, September 10, 2007

It's Time...For a New Contest

We've noticed a number of new readers are finding their way here lately--and we're so happy to have you! Welcome!

We also realized it's been a long time since we've had a contest around here. We thought, in honor of all our new visitors, we would have another contest this month.

The contest goes like this: Take the title from a favorite book or song, and rewrite it from the Introvert's perspective. Some examples:

Mama, Don't Let Your Children Grow Up to be Extroverts
Where the Quiet Things Are
The Higher Power of Introverts

The contest will run until Wed. September 19, and we'll announce the winners on Thursday September 20.

There will be cool prizes, too. The winner will get to pick from a Shrinking Violet Mug, one of Mary or Robin's newest books, or a 10 page manuscript critique!

So let the entires begin! Since introverts are such a creative group, we're very much looking forward to seeing your entries.

Also, in other news, Mary and I have decided that the issue of being an introvert is just too big to try and limit to one area. And while our main focus will probably be marketing for introverts, we are all too happy to talk about other life issues that affect us as introverts; families, children, work situations, etc. You name it. If an introvert experiences it, we're up to discussing it.

So remember, if there's a topic you liked discussed, just drop Mary or I an email and we'll get right on it.


Anonymous said...

So fun! I have some thoughts:

- Always Eat Alone (rewrite of "Never Eat Alone", a great book, but a title to strike horror into the hearts of introverts everywhere.

- Five Little Introverts, Hiding in the Closet (one crept out, and the others were relieved).

- Alexander and The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Play Date

- Theodosia and the Extroverts from Hell

R.L. LaFevers said...

Ha! Those are great, Jen. I'm especially fond of the last one, ;-) but must admit that Always Eat Alone really hits home with the memories of all those school lunch quandaries...where to eat, whom to eat with, the desire to be alone, but the social kiss of death thing. The title brings it all rushing back!

Anonymous said...

Oh goodness, a chance to win a critique by a mega talented writer! Now that’s something to pull an introvert out of self-imposed sedation.

Okay, here are song titles I changed from my personal collection:

Sweet Home Alone
(Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynryd)

Here Come that Extrovert Again
(Here Comes the Rain Again by the Eurythmics)

I Don’t Want to Speak
(I Don’t Want to Work by Todd Rungren)

These might not count for the contest as I didn’t change the titles, but too funny anyway:

Should I Stay or Should I go by The Clash

You Might Think I’m Crazy by The Cars

Getaway by Earth, Wind, and Fire

Under Pressure by David Bowie

Signing off now for more brainstorming!

Kimberly Lynn

Anonymous said...

Here's a book title, but might not count as I didn't change it:

All By Myself by Mercer Mayer

Can you tell I want to win that critique?!

Kimberly Lynn

Linda D. (sbk) said...

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Introversion

Looking for My Nerve (Looking for Alaska)

Ain't Gonna Talk No More (Ain't Gonna Paint No More)

Saints and Spinners said...

Here are my two titles:

The Five People You Avoid in Heaven
Women Who Read With the Wolves

I couldn't help but think of a song whose title doesn't need changing: "Tell That Girl to Shut Up"-- Transvision Vamp (originally by Holly and the Italians).

Anonymous said...

Wild, Succulent Introvert: Dancing with your wonder-full self

(Wild, Succulent Woman: Dancing with your wonder-full self by SARK)

How fun is this?

Stasia D said...

We Are SO Avoiding Your Bar Mitzvah!
instead of
We Are SO Crashing Your Bar Mitzvah!

Mary Hershey said...

Wow, gang! LOL! These are great! Keep 'em coming!!!!

Mary Hershey

Anonymous said...

More song titles I changed from my personal collection:

Stand Back – You are in my personal space, and it’s really BIG!
(Stand Back by Fleetwood Mac)

Need You Tonight – Unless you are an Extrovert!
(Need You Tonight by INXS)

Musta Got Lost – The invitation, I mean.
(Musta Got Lost by J. Geils Band)

With a Little Luck – I’ll get out of doing that Speech!
(With a Little Luck by Paul McCartney)

Crazy Little Condition Called Introversion
(Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Queen)

Headed For a Fall – on my way to the podium because I didn’t have any luck getting out of that darn speech!
(Headed For a Fall by Firefall)

Miss You – And if you believe that, you’re an Extrovert!
(Miss You by The Rolling Stones)

Let’s Go – This party is getting a little Crowded!
(Let’s Go by The Cars)

I’m so Tired of Being Alone – Not!
(I’m so Tired of Being Alone by Al Green)

I Wouldn’t have Missed it for the World – Musta Lost that Invitation!
(I Wouldn’t have Missed it for the World by Ronnie Milsap)

Take It Easy on Me – I can’t help the way I am, I’m an Introvert
(Take It Easy on Me by Little River Band)

I Can’t Tell You Why – I’m this way . . .
(I Can’t Tell You Why by The Eagles)

One is the Loneliest Number – Unless You Are An Introvert!
(One is the Loneliest Number by Three Dog Night)

Everything was Fine and – Then Came You – You Rascally Extrovert!
(Then Came You by The Spinners)

I love music as much as books! Ha. Ha.

Kimberly Lynn

Anonymous said...

Gone with the Wind = Gone with the Extroverts

Tuesdays with Morrie = Tuesdays with More Me

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People = The 7 Habits of Highly Introverted People

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus = Extroverts are from Mars, Introverts are from Venus

Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great = Otherwise Known as Sheila the Introvert

Starring Sally J. Freedman as Herself = Starring Sally J. Freedman by Herself

The Hobbit = The Hermit

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde = Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide

Thanks for the fun!


Jennifer R. Hubbard said...

I wanted to enter this contest, but just couldn't get past real titles that were already perfect, like '100 Years of Solitude' and 'Alone Again (Naturally).'

But reading these entries, I must bow to Alkelda for 'The Five People You Avoid in Heaven'--that one made me laugh. And honorable mention to Neriza for 'Starring Sally J. Freedman by Herself.'

zeldadg said...

Love the contest idea.

How about:

The Shy Who Came in From the Bold
And I Think to Myself, What an Over-Full World

Terry P. said...

Oh my, I've been focusing on just one entry, but now I see that multiples are okay. All right, here's the ONE I've been working on. Hopefully I'll come up with more by tomorrow. THis is my title and first line to that famous lullabye...


Terry P. said...

Hee-hee. Okay, here are some more:

1. How I Became an Introvert (rather than How I Became a Pirate)

2. Bud, Not Buddies (rather than Bud, Not Buddy)

3. Walter the Farting Dog's Diet for People Who Want to Be Left Alone (no explanation necessary).

Charlotte said...

Here's mine;

How Does a Dinosaur Stay at Home?

"Does a dinosaur hide, does a dinosaur lurk,
Does a dinosaur group obligations all shirk?"

And then it ends, on a triumphant note,

"Yes. Dinosaurs Do." (stay at home that is).

Charlotte said...
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