Monday, September 3, 2007

Finding My A-a-a-a-h-h-h in Southeast Texas

As Robin mentioned in her last post, I'm in Texas this week with the Mother Ship (partner's mother) who needed a hand with some things. I would swallow hot coals for this woman, but so far it's mostly been going to SuperWalmart (my first time ever-- kinda scary!), Target, church, and the vet.

And all the rest of the time has been mine . . . to walk to nap to write to read to brainstorm to meditate to levitate (I can try) and to daydream to my muse's content. I am storing up solitude and quiet like frequent flyer miles. I will be in desperate need of them this month. When I look at my calendar for this Fall, I want to crawl under the couch and hope no one will notice I'm missing for a very long while.

But I'm going to just stay present for now in this absolutely marvelous place of balance and plenty. My well is full. Volume is low. Ideas are fresh. And plenty. I think I've got the idea, or the "hook" I need for a series proposal. (Robin, we've got to talk!)

And, I'm still got two days left. Wish you were here. But only if you're an introvert and you like seriously fine BBQ.



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