Sunday, May 27, 2007

We're Still Laughing

We like to think we're two reasonably bright women, but this
one sailed so far over our heads it may have well been in another galaxy. Since launching Shrinking Violets last February, we've been really ThRiLLeD by the number of visitors to our site. And, amazed at the people we've run into at conferences and signings that say they know about us and are regular readers.

So, it gave us pause... if we have the readers, why so few comments from them? Are our links working properly? We fiddled with them. Turned them on, then off, then on. Off/on a few more times for good measure. Seemed okay. Uh-oh! Maybe an evil genie had put a Blog Curse on us!

Or, is our site meter hyperkinetic, and actually only our mothers are reading?

So then the lightbulbs started humming, fizzing, flashing and sending off sparks! And still, yet, we pondered puzzledly until they started exploding in our hands. Ka-BAM!

We're talking to introverts.

:-> Oh, yeah. We kinda sorta forgot. Introverts love blogs. We love the whole anonymity of it. It's like being able to go to a party wearing an invisibility cloak. It's our dream come true!

So, enjoy, everyone! Comment if you like-- we'd love to hear from you. Or, just slip in and out.
You are most welcome here.

Mary & Robin


Anonymous said...

Mary & Robin,

Many apologies for my silence, trust me, I am always reading and enjoying your blog! I visit your site several times a day just to be sure I don't miss anything. (Grin.) Many times I start to comment but usually change my mind thinking what I will say might sound stupid. BTW, there's a link on my blog to this site under the category "Necessary Haunts for Artists and Writers."

On another note . . .

Mary, I sure wish I could attend your "Funny Bones" workshop in LA . . . Sigh. I hope you can venture to Florida some day. I'll be in Orlando in a couple of weeks attending the FL SCBWI Conference and Illustrators Intensive. One of my critiques is with an editor! Eek! I'm already starting to freak out and feel panicky about it, you know, run like hell! Ha! Yes, I'm excited, but very nervous. I hope I don't break out in hives or pass out.

Keep posting the awesome articles as I obviously need them. Ha!

Kimberly Lynn

Barbara O'Connor said...

I love your blog and read it regularly. AND, I've even left a comment - AND mentioned and linked to you from my own blog. But I don't comment often - probably because I read so many blogs that suck up so much time just to READ, that if I took the time to comment, well, you get what I mean....

Barbara O'Connor

Linda D. (sbk) said...


Terry P. said...

Too funny, girls! Reminds me of the time I tore apart my classroom looking for the danged cricket that was driving me nuts (and keeping the children awake during their nap time). I spent two days searching for that thing until, as you say, the lightbulb started crackling and popping. That's when I realized it was my smoke alarm battery warning me that it was dying...

Sorry not to have posted very often, but I'll second Barbara's opinion that by the time you finish reading all the blogs, there's not much time to post.

But keep it up--we love it!