Thursday, May 17, 2007

We're Looking for the Ten Best Reasons!

And if you can give us one of them, we'll enter you to win our fourth and final contest in celebration of National Independent Bookseller's Month. (Or, NIBM, as those in the know call it.)

We're going to create a list of "The Ten Best Reasons to Shop your Independent Bookstores." And, we need your input! Send us your entry(s) and you'll have a chance to be entered into our raffle for the $25.00 gift certificate.

And, don't forget! You can also get entered into this raffle by--

1. Spreading the word about May being NIBM on your blog, or forwarding our link to another list serve that you're on. Just send us the URL and you're IN.

2. Visiting your local indie this month and giving them a big thank you for the stellar work they do supporting reading and literature. Send us your bookseller's name, and the name of the book or magazine your bought. We'll put you right in the magic raffle box.

And, if you missed Robin's post on Monday, do not pass GO until you check it out. She'll tell you all about how you can nominate your most beloved bookseller for blog fame and a Dinner for Two gift certificate at their favorite restaurant. And, just for nominating the winner, you'll receive one of our very cool Shrinking Violet mugs that are just in! It is certain to become the "IT" accessory of the year.

So, fellow shrinkers, get thy creative juices stirring, mashing and pulsing. Send your entries to the Comment Link on this blog.


10. An independent bookseller would never, ever send a child to "... go check in the Business Technology section" for Charlotte's Web.

Who's got reason number nine for us?


Anonymous said...

An independent bookstore is likely to have a handy list of all of the titles in the series that you're starting, in order. And they'll have all of the titles, too, not just the new one.

Anonymous said...

An independent bookseller does not carry Madonna's latest effort, nor the one by Terrell Owens, nor any other poorly written book (even if it ends up on bestseller lists. An independent bookseller has principles and really good books on the shelves.

Mary Hershey said...

Jen and Jennifer!

Thanks for the great entries-- love them. And, amen- sis-tuhs!

I just thought of another one---

The independents don't have tons of candy at the front counter to tempt you while you are waiting. (Okay, maybe that's just my personal issue!) The indies assume you have higher order tastes in life. They'd be wrong, but I like the assumption.


Anonymous said...

An independent bookseller chooses her own manager's picks. They aren't forced upon her by "the guys at corporate".

Linda Urban

Charlotte said...

Here are my reasons for loving my local independent book store:

1. They have used books for sale as well, intershelved with the new (I like bargins).

2. When my children and I go to the independent book store, we are going for Books, not for a have a snack in the cafe-play with Thomas the wretched tank engine toys-run around on toy stage extravaganza. It is good to find occassion to make Books the whole point of an expedition.

3. The children's section, perhaps because of (2), is much much tidier and more appealing (although I blame the parents for this, not the chain book stores...)

4. When you ask for A Seed is Sleepy they don't look at you like you are crazy.

5. Because independent book stores are smaller, one is less likely to loose one's children. One can also keep an eye on the children while looking at other sections.

Mary Hershey said...

Great list, Charlotte! Thanks for all the entries. Like the one about used books being there, too.