Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A Quick Hello

It is the ultimate irony. We writers, who are some of the shyest creatures on the planet, will toil happily in solitude for years bringing a book to fruition, and then, upon publication of said book, are required to step suddenly into the limelight. And shine.

It's got to be some cosmic joke, right?

Well, not so much. The ugly truth is, there is the expectation that you, the author, will do much to promote your book. In fact, for many publishers, this is the only promotion a first book will get. Which means the pressure is on. It can feel like the success or failure of this amazing work of art that took you ten years to birth, all rides on your ability to promote it successfully.

Panic quickly sets in. Or at least, it did for me.

Our mission here at Shrinking Violet Promotions is to help guide other introverts through this intimidating process. Or perhaps you're a shy extrovert, one whose heart starts to race and palms grow damp at the mere thought of public speaking. Either way, it is our goal to use what we've learned to help ease you through the often-intimidating, sometimes-terrifying process of promoting your first book. Because the truth is, there are many ways to build a promotional presence for yourself and your work by using your own, unique marketing strengths.

Because you do have them, in spite of what you might think.

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