Sunday, February 18, 2007

Hello from Mary

"autist, brooder, creep, drip, egoist, egotist, lone wolf, loner, narcissist, nerd, oddball, self-observer, solitary, weirdo, wet blanket, wimp"

Yep, that’s us! At least according to Roget’s New Millenium Thesarus entry for introvert. He only forgot ‘social retard’. I’ll give him a ring on that later.

And, except for ‘autist’ and ‘self-observer’, I think I’ve been called every one of those names at some point in my life. Especially during childhood when I was busily and earnestly recording the world’s input with Mom's indelible laundry marker.

Introverts absolutely need to come into the world with an attached Owner's Manual. (I’m am SO taking this up with God when I meet Her at the pearly gates.) We don’t operate like the others humans on the planet. For one, and this is a behemoth difference, we recharge differently.

Here's a scientific experiment you can try at home. Take any extravert you know and plug them into a party, or school presentation, maybe a Rotary Club luncheon. Fifteen minutes later, you’ll be able to hear their engines humming, all interior/exterior lights begin to glow, and their fluid levels are rising happily.

Now bring in an introvert to the same gathering, and watch what happens. You’re going to have to examine them very closely, because introverts have gotten very expert at faking a positive reading in the most grueling social settings. But check their fluid levels and charge meter. They are being drained, minute by minute, slowly but surely. It doesn't mean they're unhappy, they're just on a ticking clock. Like Cinderella. Must-be-home-by-midnight.

So how do you recharge an introvert? Well, the answer to that critical question and much more 4-1-1 for introverts to come. And, we hope to hear some from you as well!




Anonymous said...

I think Roget left out "anti-social." I was called that by probably every teacher I ever had.

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous blog! I'm also an introvert, trying to pry myself out of my shell in order to promote my book. I can totally relate!!

Mary Hershey said...

Yeah, Elizabeth, funny how EVs (extroverts) think "anti-social" is derogatory. ;-]

Shelly, glad you stopped by! We hope you'll find some good ideas here about promotion without the prying-out-of-the-shell process. Doesn't that just sound wickedly painful?

Here's to the IVs!