Monday, September 29, 2008

Ms. Viola Undercover

(Enter Ms. Viola through the back door, wearing silencers on her stilettos)

My dear Violets and Vinnies!

Your beloved Ms. Viola is back at last, but you mustn't let it get out! Can I trust you to keep this just between us ? Raise your pinkies and swear with me-- "We never saw her!"
I am absolutely being split right down my sternum! Between Sarah's people and Joe's people, I haven't had one moment's peace. I simply cannot be expected to coach them both for the debates. Of course they are both are in urgent need of my special services, but don't get me started on that. I've given their goons the slip so that I can spend some time with my people-- all you marvelously creative introverts.

Robin and Mary are finally scooching over and letting me announce our most recent contest winners. It's about time, girls! Getting MIFFED here (arched eyebrow sent their way). If you recall, Mary was on a veritable bender last week about the dehumanizing language of marketing. She suggested that we come up with a less bovinish word than "brand" or "branding". We had entries from Jen Robinson, Terry Pierce, and a new reader named Jennifer. Their entries respectively were: communicating your passion, shining, and bouquet.

And the winner is New Jennifer! Cheering in my indoor voice for you, darling!!! Please send your 4-1-1 to Mary by clicking here and she'll get your prize shipped right to you!

is a fabulous way to describe what defines you in the marketplace. It is what is uniquely you, and speaks to your passion, your individuality, your creativity. Bouquets are organic-- they can change, too, where a brand is so painfully permanent. As a replacement term, it probably won't catch on in the carniverous world of marketing, being a bit femmy and all, but I hope that it lingers in your minds. And I hope it helps you to think of your place in the market a bit differently!

Lastly, it is Monday and that means Milestone Monday! Time for us to give a zip-hip-hurrah to your lastest accomplishments! What have you done that we should know about? Your virtual cheerleading squad stands ready to start spinning cartwheels! Do tell--

Oh, for pity's sake, there goes my pager and my Blackberry! Must dash before I'm discovered!

Ms. Viola


beckylevine said...

I haven't blogged about this yet, because nothing's final, but in the name of celebrating every step: I got a book contract from my NF agent in the email today!

And I LOVE bouquet! So much nicer to think about in the next few months, instead of branding. Makes me feel much less cattle-like. :)

Mary Hershey said...

Wheeeee, Becky! We are so thrilled for you. Yes! Celebrate each and every step. And, we'll hold a good wish for you on this. Do keep us in the loop about this, will you?

My milestone is that I have started a new YA novel while I have been here in Texas. Very different stuff for me. I'm excited!

Mary Hershey

beckylevine said...

Thanks, Mary. You guys heard it first, but I just SIGNED that thing and posted about it.

Ooh--a new YA! Can't wait. Texas must be good for you, but don't forget California!

Mary Hershey said...

And yet another milestone! The Shrinking Violets blog just turned 30,000 hits and strong! :-)

Introverts unite!
Mary Hershey

Shari said...

Late chiming in on the milestone, but... I finally know who my MC is! I mean, I kinda knew her before, but the "kinda" was the problem, totally muddying her voice and motivations. But she's finally clear in my mind, and it's full-speed-ahead with revisions now. Yay! :)

Kimberly Lynn said...

Cheers to everyone and their great news!

And 30,000 hits?! WOW!

Jennifer J. Stewart said...

Does this make me "Old Jennifer?"

"Middle-Aged Jennifer?"

I think I need to be re-bouqueted.

Jennifer J.
who would add a smiley if she knew how