Sunday, September 7, 2008

It's Time for Milestone Monday-- Get Your Thumbs UP!

Dear Friends,

Welcome to Milestone Monday!  Though in some parts of the country,  it is Tuesday already-- yikes!  We nearly put up a SINKING Violets post today.  Both Robin and I woke up with some sort of dreadful plague or vampire curse.  (Yeah, okay, I'm reading Twilight!)  She woke up with woodpecker head and I have had the spins all day.  Would someone please get me off this nasty carnival ride???  Worst of all, we even had to cancel our Girls Lunch Out together, and I've been bereft about it all day.   I don't get to see her enough as it is (me sniffling).

Spinning notwithstanding (pun alert!), I couldn't abide one more Monday passing by without calling a Milestone Monday! For our newish readers, this is a day devoted to hearing from all of YOU. We want the skinny on your latest accomplishments-- from finishing a tough synopsis/school visit/bio/chapter/draft, to a recent sale, scoring a read by your dream agent or editor, or getting the Most Seriously Promising Rejection Letter ever!   Use this forum to stand up and cheer for your fellow introverts.  Free promo!  In this biz, with accolades coming too rarely, kudos are crucial to your heart and health!

Speaking of promo OP-POR-TU-NI-TIES (a-hem), I recently did a live blog radio interview with Suzanne Lieurance at Book Bites, which is part of the National Writing for Children Center out of Kansas City, Missouri. Suzanne was great fun to work with.  She had read my new book, perused my website and blog and was completely prepared. Very professional.  In addition to doing author interviews, she hosts a regularly scheduled Promo Day for authors and illustrators to call in during the program.  It's an chance for you to announce any new books or book events you have coming up.  

If the idea of talking on the radio makes you want to crawl back into the womb, whoa there, cowgirl.  This is a great opportunity to stretch yourself a little bit.  If you feel nervous about doing it alone, hook up with a buddy or two, and you can all call in together.  Afterwards, you can post the link to your website or blog.  If any of you try it, please let us know how it goes!  If you have a new book coming out, you can visit the site that I posted above and there are instructions for how to apply to be one of Suzanne's author interviews.

Just one more thing before I turn the mike over the you Milestoney things-- in Robin's post last Thursday, she made a comment that one of our readers Becky had a question about.  Robin noted that since introverts excel at relationships and connecting, the act of networking with industry folks plays to our strengths.  Becky wondered if we could say a little bit more on this, as she hadn't heard that before.

As a generalization about Jungian type, introverts are really hardwired for connecting with others. We prefer one on one, and when we connect with someone, we tend to be more fully present and focused. We are content to stay present in that single exchange, and aren't looking for addditional input or stimulation while talking to that one person.  It makes for a stronger connection, recollection and bond.  Which serves us well in an industry where we want editors, agents, and publicity agents, etc. to remember us with fondness and admiration.   Which is not to say that an extravert can't accomplish the same thing--  Robin's point was that introverts come equipped with the right tool belt already looped around our waist.  We need to take advantage of it!

And without further ado-be-do, let's hear from you!  What's new and exciting in your corner?

Dizzily but devotedly, 

Mary Hershey


Anonymous said...

I hit 300 visitors on my personal blog in the last 10 days -- hurrah!

Kimberly Lynn said...

My milestone is kind of silly . . .

I have decided to join Toastmasters in February. And now that I’ve shared it here, it is written in stone. Gasp. I have realistic goals in that all I want to do is be able to introduce myself in a room full of strangers and deliver a somewhat enjoyable speech without passing out.


Good luck to them in achieving this . . .

Anonymous said...

Okay, I respect that introvert does not NECESSARILY equal shy, but, uh, really, it doesn't NEVER equal it either.... Um, I AM bad at personal connecting. I can't get the hang of small talk so avoid it, and people also have a tendency to completely forget they've ever seen me before in most cases. Curiously, there's lots of talk here about people hating to speak in front of a group. I have no trouble speaking in front of a group! It's the social niceties that scare me....

Mary Hershey said...

Hi, Tracy! Great blog-- I just took a visit.

Kimberly Lynn, eVeR so impressed with your Toastmasters plan for the new year. Good on you!

Hi, Rockin! Isn't it fascinating that we manifest our inner-ness in so many different ways? I'm with you. I can talk to groups without a hiccup these days. Answer the phone, though? OMIGOD! I would rather address the United Nations that pick up my land line.

Mary Hershey

Anonymous said...

I have semi-decided to have a book launch for my book that comes out next Feb. It's my first trade book, and I don't want a party. But I've been nudged about it, and I know I absolutely should. So I'm scared to death, but I've kinda realized that I just have to do it.

Next up, figuring out how to do it so the focus is on the book, not me:>)

Anonymous said...

Well, I DIDN'T wake up with woodpecker head or the spins--feel better, both of you!

Had a wonderful time at a conference last weekend. Both workshops were filled, and I ran out of handouts, which never happens! Just a serious feel-good weekend. And am getting to be included in a tiny, personalized workshop in Internet Marketing last week--yay!

liquidambar said...

Congratulations on all the milestones!

Kim Kasch said...

Loved Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse. Hopefully your head isn't spinning 'cause you're staying up too late reading :)

Mary Hershey said...

ALWAYS stay up too late reading! :-)

(Hi, Kim!)

Mary Hershey
Finally in a spin-free mode