Monday, August 23, 2010

Summer Hiatus Week Six

Self care:

Next time you are out running errands, take $10 and spend it on something for your writing. It can be a cute little notebook, colorful paperclips, unusual post-it-notes, colored index cards, a big piece of foam core board for that collage you keep meaning to do.

Writing prompt:

To jiggle loose scene ideas: Pick a point in your novel that feels flat. Divide a piece of blank paper in two. On one side, write down everything your character knows right now. On the other side, right everything your character will need to know by the end. These can be either external plot point type things or internal realizations the character will need to come to.


Touch of Ink said...

I love this idea! it seems like something that I could use for every chapter, not just where the story feels flat.

R.L. LaFevers said...

True Suzi, but I was afraid that might be overwhelming for some people. :-)

So glad you liked the idea!

feywriter said...

Barnes and Noble had the cutest notebooks on clearance. I didn't have a good excuse to get one. I rarely feel comfortable buying something for myself. I need to remember it's okay to treat myself once in a while!