Sunday, August 8, 2010

Summer Hiatus Week Four

Self Care:

Quick, before summer is over, can you pick a week and arrange it so that you give yourself one day off from everything but writing and your immediate family? Cook meals ahead of time, assign the kids to fix an easy breakfast, have your spouse take the kids to the beach alone? 

Writing Prompt:

Not everyone grows up poor, but can you remember a moment when you felt deprived? Write for ten minutes on what you were deprived of and how that felt. How did it shape you? Is there a place in your story where your protagonist feels deprived?


Carrie Harris said...

OOooh. I'm doing this self care prompt. NEXT WEEK. I've been thinking about how nice it would be to have a day to just write--why shouldn't I make it happen?

Thanks for the nudge!

tricia said...

i was already thinking i needed an internet detox and then i read your self-care prompt. i'm taking it as a sign! :) going to plan this. thank you.

R.L. LaFevers said...

So glad the prompt/nudge came just when you guys needed it! Enjoy.