Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer Hiatus

As you know, we normally take a short summer hiatus. This year, we are taking a little longer hiatus and starting a little sooner than in the past. Mary is feeling the call—no, immense pull—of her recharging cave and I have vowed to finish my YA project by Sept 1 or die in the attempt. In other words, our life’s work is calling to us in the loud, demanding voice of an ignored and overtired two year old. We need to recharge our wells, dig deep, write a lot, and dream and plan a little for the coming months.

However, we will not leave you completely on your own for the next eight weeks. We still want to be a part of your writing journey, so each week instead of a full post, we will post a self-care prompt that will (hopefully) reconnect you with your own writing, lead to small insights, or just give you a moment of pleasure. We will also post a writing prompt, just to get your juices flowing and get you thinking about your story or your characters in new ways.

Think of it as a mini-writer’s retreat in a jar, kind of thing. The ultimate introvert retreat, really, because you will be all alone in your own home!

Also, please notice that we have a poll up in the sidebar. We would very much like to hear from as many of you as possible as to what sorts of things you’d be interested in exploring here at Shrinking Violets when we return in the fall. And if what you’re interested in isn’t in the poll, please feel free to leave a suggestion in the comments!

Enjoy the rest of your summer and here's hoping you get tons of writing done!


So, are you ready for your first self-care exercise? Here you go. It’s a toughy, but we know you can do it!

Disconnect from the internet completely for one full day. Seriously. One. Full. Day. Notice how you move throughout the world differently. What happens in all that silence? Can you hear your story more clearly? Does your writing call to you more loudly? Is there a way to do this once a week, at least for the summer? What impact would this have on your writing?

Something to think about:

What does summer mean for your main character in the story of your world? What takes place there? How does your character’s world change with the season, and how do those changes affect your character?


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your hiatus, Robin and Mary!

I totally relate. There never seems to be enough time to keep up with everything these days, and I am very overwhelmed. Here's a silent toast that all of us recharge and have lots to share this fall. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

And YAY...

I was finally able to post a comment again!!!!

Anonymous said...

It's funny, my current work in progress takes place entirely during the summer.
After writing a couple of manuscripts that take place over a year or longer, I challenged myself to see if I could work with a smaller unit of time--and summer's my favorite season.

Wild About Words said...

Robin and Mary,
Enjoy your hiatus, whether it be for renewing or working. You both deserve the time.
To keep your loyal readers in the promotion loop, the generous Cynthia Leitich Smith provides 6-1/2 great tips for book promotion on my blog.
Happy hiatus!
All best,

Mary Hershey said...

Have a very cool summer, everyone!!! Wishing you each all the adventure and solitude you need.

Robin, I'm glad you've encouraged everyone to try an electronic fast. Swear to GOD in adds hours of lovely reading time to your day.

And, I'll be thinking how my current protaganist might enjoy his summer months. Thanks for the prompt!


dining room table said...

Your Hiatus is great. I can see that you have a great summer. Summer is so much fun. You can do anything that you want like what you have.

Sarah Stevenson said...

Oops, I missed the poll! They all sound great to me, but especially the workshop/participatory ones.

Enjoy your hiatus, ladies! Here's wishing you much creativity and productivity.