Monday, August 4, 2008

On Wallflowers & A Very Cool Introvert

Welcome to your Monday, Violets & Vinnies, 

I'm beyond happy to report a milestone of my own today! At nearly the stroke of midnight last night, I transmitted my new novel to my editor, Wendy Lamb, at Random House.  Yessss! Though it's only the first draft, and chances are I'll have a number of rewrites to do, for a few blessed weeks (one can hope!) that bad girl is off my desk.  The saints be praised!  Any other milestones out there to report?  We want to hear!

I was struck by all your comments after last week's post on the Shy vs. Introverted Question.  I wanted to share a YouTube link to one of my new favorite singer/songwriter/musicians, Priscilla Ahn. She is a glorious new talent! Her music is described as folk-pop, and her first CD entitled A Good Day just came out in June.  It's a must-have.  

I had the good fortune to see her early in the summer. She was touring with Brandi Carlisle and will be touring soon with Willy Nelson.  The second Priscilla stepped on stage, my SVR (Shrinking Violet Radar) went off-- vibrating mode, of course.  One of my faves was her song Wallflower. It does such a spot-on job of conveying that nawful "Oh-god-what-am-I-DOING-here-at-this-party?" feeling that so many of us know and have talked about. 

I love how it is resolved for her in the course of the song.  If you have a sec, you can watch it here.  The second half of the video is a brief interview, which you should skip if you tend to prefer the "G-rated" version of life. Priscilla has a bit of a potty mouth, which I personally adore about her.  If you like her, check out her "official" video singing Dream.  You get a better sense of the full range of her talents. Let's support this SV sister of ours, shall we?  I predict great things for her.  I suppose I should mention that I thought Don Johnson had a promising singing career ahead of him after Miami Vice, so there's that. But, truly, this Violet is not to be missed. 

For some time now, I've been wanting to link up our site with Cafe Press and offer some fun SVP shopping options.  I haven't had a single sparking neuron to spare, however, to come up  with a logo or text for t-shirts and the like.  On account of the whole introvert thing I've got going on, I tend to forget about teamwork.  Which I've been reminded about since my first kindergarten report card (Needs to play more with others) through my current performance evals at work (Needs to play more with others).  

So, how about a group think on this?  What might be fun on a t-shirt/notepad/green grocery bag?  Since we've been talking about wallflowers . . . does that inspire anyone?  Best idea of the week wins Priscilla Ahn's new CD.  

Off to exhiliarate in my new, if time-limited, FREEDOM!

Mary Hershey


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! And your other book's just on the shelves--what a great few weeks for you.

Anonymous said...

You wanted ideas for shirts? You already have a perfect one to start with. It's #1 in the An Introvert's 4-1-1 sidebar: "Introversion is NOT a social disease." I love that! And would totally wear it.

Anonymous said...

Priscilla Ahn is an incredibly GIFTED singer and songwriter. Thanks for sharing her music.

Wait . . .

Gift. Box. Music. Wallflower.

I have an idea for your Café Press. How about:

The package isn’t dancing, but the contents are!

Mary Hershey said...

Kimberly, I LOVE that--- how absolutely appropriate!
You're "entered". :-)

And, you, too, Celise! You totally get credit for finding that on our site and pointing it out to you.

Mary Hershey

Jennifer R. Hubbard said...

Here's my CafePress suggestion:

"Introverts Unite."

That joke's not too subtle, is it?


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Mary.

Congrats on completing the first draft of your new novel, btw!

Mary Hershey said...

Thanks, Kimberly! ;-)

LiquidAmbar, I think "Introverts Unite" is brilliant. You're entered!