Thursday, July 3, 2008


You may be thinking that with all the excitement of National Indie Bookseller’s Month and our recent interviews, we’ve forgotten about the upcoming launch of Mary’s TEN LUCKY THINGS THAT HAVE HAPPENED TO ME SINCE I NEARLY GOT HIT BY LIGHTNING. We want to assure you that we haven’t.

In fact, the count down continues and Mary has spent the last month finalizing promotional plans and busily planning her book launch.

One of the challenges she’s been dealing with is how to make a third book launch new and different and not the same ol’, same ol’. Being Mary, she’s come up with a doozy of an idea.

One of the things Mary is passionate about is getting books in the hands of the kids who need them. So for this third book launch, she has invited her friends and family to purchase a gift card (by phone if that’s easier) from our local independent bookstore, Chaucer’s, and then in turn designate that it be used to buy a copy of our books (yes we're doing a buddy signing!) to be donated to Girls, Inc. so that a girl that might not otherwise have a chance to read or own the books might do so. She’ll still be having a book signing/launch, and yes we’re hoping to have some live foot traffic/attendees, but the focus will be on contributing books to these deserving girls.

My hat's off to Mary as this is such a great way to think outside the box when planning an event. Combine your passions, turn the focus away from yourself, and add a healthy dose of karmic marketing and voila! Something new and different!


Shari Green said...

I love that last bit: Combine your passions, turn the focus away from yourself, and add a healthy dose of karmic marketing.... Excellent advice! (And yay Mary for the awesome idea!)

tanita✿davis said...

What a great idea! Admittedly, my first 'launch day' I didn't do anything particularly special, but next time!