Monday, March 10, 2008

Ms. Viola on Book Tours and Book Trailers

Darling Violets and Vinnies--

At last-- I'm back! Your devoted Ms. Viola reporting in. I've barely been able to get a peep in edgewise with Mary and Robin being such blog hogs lately. For two Shrinking Violets, those birds do blather on, don't they! I had to play the teensiest trick on them to get some air time today. I called them both early this morning and rambled on and on about absolutely nothing for nearly thirty minutes. You could literally hear their Introvert Warning Systems (IWS) going off-- Danger! Danger! Your battery is nearly depleted! They both have scurried off to their respective little forests to recharge.

But, I just couldn't wait to tell you that I've just discovered a marvelous new on-line service for those of you promoting your books. All right, who was that I just heard run screaming from the room? Come back, lovey, this won't hurt a bit. La promessa!

Book Tour offers a free site for you to list your upcoming "touring" events. Now I want you all to go check it out. I had Mary Hershey register this morning, so you can see how hers looks. I'll be after Ms. La Fevers later today. If you are pre-published, do-do-do bookmark this site, so you can use it in the future! If you are published, sign up today, or I will call you on the phone and chat you into a coma.

The second thing I want to talk about is book trailers. Perfetta! An idea whose time has come. This is fabulous promotional tool for you to use! Splendid for introverts. You can make your own, or you hire a student to do it for you. If any of you know someone (or are someone) that likes to do this, please share! I'm linking to one of our own Violet's book trailers-- take a peek at Terry Pierce's book trailer. And, another one that I love is from children's author Mary Hanson for her hysterical book How to Save Your Tail.

As part of Mary Hershey's pre-launch homework, I'm having her make one of these. She will be able to post it on her website, and her blog. Her editor can link it over at Random House's site where teachers, librarian's, and parents will be able to have easy access to it. There are probably other venues that we will discover as well. But let's keep that between us for now, shall we? Don't want to put the poor darling under the table again today.

Oooh, best dash! I hear some tromping from the forest. Vi on the fly!

La pace,
Ms. Viola


COS Book Trailers said...

As someone who has made book trailers since 2002, I'll do my best not to scare anyone off with my comments. lol

Making the trailer is half the!

Here is a site where you can find instructions and information about making a book video-

And, if you don't know how to upload your video to your Amazon/Connect account here is a site that not only tells you how, but it has pictures!

If you are not put into a coma after that, you might even try out an ebook about digital video marketing. You can find that here-

As far as distribution goes, we have distribution outlets on over 200 social media sites, over 70 book marking sites, 300 booksellers, 5000 (yes thousand) libraries, and Transit TV (which isn't online, but gets 10 million impressions a week).

If you have stayed with me to the end of this post I feel compelled to give you an easy way to distribute that is free and won't take too long. Ready?

Best of luck to one and all!


Anonymous said...
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R.L. LaFevers said...

Sorry for the delete. We just got our second spam...

Mary Hershey said...

Wow, Sheila, thanks SO much for all the great info. I'm gonna to give it a whirl! I'll keep you posted.


Mary Hershey said...

Wow, Sheila, thanks SO much for all the great info. I'm gonna to give it a whirl! I'll keep you posted.


Terry P. said...

Thanks for the mention, Ms. Viola! If anyone wants to try making their own, I've also posted tips for making your own book trailer on my blog (posted Feb. 27, 2008). Have fun!

Mary Hanson said...

Thanks for tagging my TAIL, Ms. Vi!

And when your readers are all studied up and ready to rock, everyone's invited over to the Children's Book Circle to see our collection of book trailers. It's a great place to check out different approaches and techniques in videos produced by authors, fans, publishers and professional production companies-- featuring picture books, middle grades, YA and non-fiction.

Quiet on the set...and ACTION!


Sandra Miller-Louden said...

Donna Gephart suggested I post an interesting link here, so being relatively new to blogging, I hope I'm in the right place.

This is in regards to taking a blogging tour for your new book.

It's a fascinating article and one I think would be appropriate.

Sandra Miller-Louden

Anonymous said...
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