Monday, February 4, 2008

And Awwwaaaay I Go!

Ever feel like you've lost control of your life- your schedule- your plans? Oh, moi? Gee, never. But I 'know' this children's author who is experiencing something like this. It's a lot like getting your arm wrenched out of its socket by a thundering bull or an exceptionally fast little white dog. All you can do is HOLD ON. The crashing from letting go would be worse!

Or, at least that is what I imagine it feels like to her. :-] Okay, fine, it's me, and my month hit the ground at warp speed. I have way more events and deadlines than any one violet should have to endure. Lots of people+lots of events are to introverts what Kryptonite is to Superman.

I'm going to make sure that I get lots of down time in my special ice fortress-- or bakery. The latter works very well for me. Give me a latte hot as lava and a chocolate chip scone, and my battery starts humming again. (Not just from the joe-- really.)

And for the day's major gaffe, in editing my new Facebook profile, per my Marketing Plan, I accidentally fired off a request to (nearly) everyone in the northern hemisphere asking them to be my "Friend". The long list included the mayor of Santa Barbara, nearly every student I've ever had, some very high-profile editors and authors, and Robin's son in college. It was truly an introvert's nightmare.

I know I'll be laughing about it later in the week.

But I do want to speed by and deliver the ** NEWS ** that having counted all the entries for the Ms. Viola Makeover Contest, it is confirmed. The new look for Ms. Viola wins-- but only by a hair. Whew! It was close, a real dead heat. Thanks for all your entries, everyone!

Melissa Camara Wilkins' entry was randomly selected, and she will be receiving a copy of the Plug Your Book by Steve Weber. Many congrats, Melissa! Will you email me off-line and send me your address so that I can get it shipped to you? Click here to email me.

We haven't done a Milestone Monday for some time. Do any of you have any news, breakthroughs, incremental victories that you would like to post? We would love to hear from you.

Homework for This Week:

1. Update my mailing and email list. I taught two workshop classes over the weekend, and I'm doing a presentation at the Women's Literary Festival in Santa Barbara this weekend. I've circulated an email list in the class on Saturday and I'll do it again this coming weekend. Those names will all be added to my notifications lists. When it is time for postcards to go out in late May or June, I don't want to have to be scrambling to get my list updated. And, when I do my school visits this months, I'll make sure I get teachers' contact info as well.

2. Invite Shrinking Violets to be my Friends. A-hem. Any of you on Facebook?


Mary Hershey


Jennifer R. Hubbard said...

Hi Mary,
Would you mind sharing how you developed your mailing list in the first place? Your task is to "update" it, and you mentioned you'll get some of those updates from people in your classes who sign up, but what are your other sources of contacts? Who is on your mailing list? Not the names, of course! but generally who they are: booksellers, other writers, librarians, book reviewers-- friends, Romans, countrymen? All of the above?

Anonymous said...

Man, that little dog is fast!

How do people who don't like hot drinks survive? If I get to 4:00 without my cup of tea and the accompanying 15 minutes of down-time, well...let's just say that's NOT the time to stop by for a visit.

Unless you want a cup of tea.

Good luck with this month. Fill up with lattes and scones and schedule (in INK, ON your calendar!) a full day of decompression when it's over. :)

Saints and Spinners said...

I'm on Facebook! Look for Farida Dowler.

Mary Hershey said...
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Mary Hershey said...

Hey, LA-- thanks for raising the question. We may need to do a whole post on this, in the event not everyone reads the Comments.

But,for now, here's the 4-1-1. I basically started with my holiday card list a few years, back, then addded EVERYONE I do business with-- dry cleaner, tax person, plumber, ob/gyn, personal trainer, psychic, you get my drift.

It's an ongoing process when a new person comes into my life like that-- they go on my list. People love to buy books written by people they know, I've found.

I begged and borrowed media contacts from people in my writer's group that had them. Make sure you add all your local paper editors-- particularly book reviewers and life & leisure editors-- from news and entertainment rags in the town you are living, AND in the town you grew up in.

Add church people, PTA people, teachers, principals, librarians, book club members, fellow knitters, etc.

Start now! Don't wait until you have a book coming. This is a great stepping into the frame exercise. Start compiling your mailing list now.

Other ideas out there?


Mary Hershey said...

Thanks for the good wishes, Becky! Yes, putting in INK my Decompression Date. :-)

And, Farida, I will look for you on Facebook. Grazie!

Mary Hershey

Shari Green said...

Hi Mary. I'm on facebook, too -- Shari Green. :)

Jennifer R. Hubbard said...

Thanks for answering my question, Mary!

Patty Palmer said...

I missed you in Santa Barbara last weekend but hopefully will get to go to SLO to hear the fabulous Robin speak next month (or maybe it's next month? ...gotta get it on my calendar. Yikes.
Once again, love your posts!

R.L. LaFevers said...

Oh, I hope you make it, Patty! I love seeing friendly, familiar faces at the workshops! (Plus I'm pretty darn fond of anyone who calls me fabulous!)

tanita✿davis said...

Look for Tanita Davis on Facebook! :)