Monday, January 21, 2008

Ms. Viola's Makeover & More on Timelines

Ciao and happy 2008! Come sta? I've just picked up Mary and Robin's smoke signals and come as quickly as my client's tired little jet could get here. I've been under wraps for weeks-- nearly undercover-- up to my newly tatooed eyebrows with an impossible client. (Without divulging any beans, I am happy to report that Dr. Phil is OFF the case.)

But enough about them! What do you think of my New Year Makeover? Si? No? I've had my lips done-- gawd, no, not botox, but a little shaping and reduction. I was born with enough lip to plump up the entire cast of Desperate Housewives. And, I've gone permanent make-up. Look! I've just rolled out of bed. No fuss, no muss, glamour to go. Do tell me what you think! I love Ms. Viola's New/Old Look! Each of you that reply will have a chance to be entered into a drawing to win a fabulous book called Plug Your Book: Online Book Marketing for Authors, by Steve Weber.

I've just sucked down my third skinny latte and I'm ready to work on Book Launch 2008. Oh, this will be such mad fun! My brain is already starting to spark and smoke.

First off, I do want to point out that even before Mary officially launched her campaign this month, there are some things she's done already to start plowing the proverbial field. She set up a few speaking engagements for the Winter and Spring to give herself venues to start chatting up her new book. Even though she won't have Ten Lucky Things in her little mitts to sign or sell, she can show an ARC and plant some cover and name recognition.

Secondly, as Robin will chat about later, the launching doesn't end on the day your new book comes out the chute. There is a very potent two-month window after your release date. We are going to have Mary busy-busy-busy hot on the Buzz Beat. More on that later. No rest for ze wicked!

And speaking of buzz, here is Mary's Ms. Viola Homework for the week.

1) Set up a Facebook Account

The latest industry research touts that Facebook is climbing up and over MySpace in terms of utility and popularity, and we want to take advantage of every networking opportunity we can. What do you think? Given that the users have to be 13 and up, I still think there are some good arguments for children's writers setting up their accounts. Robin? Mary? Either of you want to chime in here?

Gawd, those crazy Violets-- they are busy toasting each and doing some odd little dance over this being their 100th SVP entry!


Ms. Viola


R.L. LaFevers said...

So nice to hear from you again, Miz V!

Facebook accounts and My Space pages are something I've been going back and forth about for some time now. Because my books are all aimed at the 12 and under crowed, it seems wrong somehow to set up a Facebook/My Space account where you have to be 13 or older to participate.

OTOH, I've heard authors say that there are lots of librarian, teacher, and author networking on those sites that still makes it worthwhile. I'd be really interested in hearing other blog readers thoughts/experiences on this!

Anonymous said...

I do have both myspace and facebook accounts. I really don't do much with them, though. Myspace seems like a timesucker, and kind of junior high-ish in a nightmare-ish way (Will you be my friend? Will you? And it is usually inappropriate people, who I would not want around any of my readers to meet who want to befriend me), so it's more like I have an electronic billboard out there.

I'm new to facebook, and have exactly three friends. (I'm there for the SCRABBLE.)

So, I've not found these networking places to be all that interesting, but you know, I haven't really worked them. So maybe I shouldn't discount them.

For YA authors, they are probably the place quite useful.