Monday, December 10, 2007

A Holiday Message from the Shrinking Violets

Dear Friends,

Robin and I are going to do a "show" versus "tell" here by bidding you all a brief adieu for the holidays. As introverts, we need to learn how to manage and allot our vital life energies. The holidays are a time of year that we need to be especially sensitive to the cumulative effects of frequent parties, shopping in crowds, mass transportation, visiting relatives/relatives visiting, and large groups of people coming by to sing on your porch. All marvelous events, and we are grateful for our life bounty.

So, where and when we can, we will tuck ourselves away, plug in and ready ourselves. We encourage you to do the same!

We will check back in with you on New Year's Eve to make a toast to you all! And, we promise much more to come in 2008. Do come on back.

Shalom, Namaste, Merrily & Merrily,

Mary & Robin


Anonymous said...

Funny you mentioned parties . . .

I was thinking of you both and all the other Shrinking Violets last night. I received a phone call from one of my neighbors asking whether or not I had received her party invitation. You see everyone around here know I require an extra “push.” You can’t just drop a mailer out to me, you’ve got to call once or twice and make me feel guilty. High pressure tactics it is! This weekend I’m being practically forced into attending a psychedelic 60’s Christmas party. I’m not into wearing mini-skirts but guess I can offer peace, love, and rock ‘n roll – after a martini or two. Good thing I’ll be walking.

Merry Christmas, Robin and Mary!

Kimberly Lynn

Anonymous said...

I love that you're taking care of yourselves! What a great example! Looking foward to 2008.

Jennifer R. Hubbard said...

Enjoy the Fortress of Solitude and emerge refreshed for the new year!

Mary Hershey said...

Dear Kimberly, Bran Fan and Liquidambar,

Thanks for your good wishes! All the very best of the season toyou all.

KL, have fun at your psychedelic 60's party. The great music of that era almost makes it worth it! ALMOST!


Anonymous said...

My best to Mary, Robin and all of the folks who hover around this wonderful site. See you in '08!

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