Monday, August 6, 2007

The Shrinking Violets are at SCBWI Nationals

Dear Friends,

Hellloooooo from the 37th Annual Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators National Conference in Los Angeles! We arrived last Thursday and are having such a marvelous time filling our wells, and well, trying not to drown in the process. (glub-glub!)

There are 964 writers, illustrators, agents, editors, and assorted creative industry personnel here with us. We've pretty much taken over the gorgeous Century Plaza Hotel near Beverly Hills. Great, exhausting fun! Raquel Welch was in the booth behind us at dinner last night-- so very LA!

It's been great fun catching up with old friends, making new ones and putting faces to buds from different on-line groups. We've been working at pacing ourselves and giving ourselves permission to climb under the covers as needed. We, um, skipped Saturday night's Gala Silvery Moon Ball, and spent the evening instead with Harry Potter at the flicks. Just what we both needed.

We'll be back soon, and we've got much to share!

Mary & Robin


jama said...

Mary, nice to see you mentioned on Alice's CWIM blog! Sounds like you did a great job! Looking forward to hearing more from you and Robin on the conference.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Jama!

Thanks for the heads up to Alice's blog. Cool. We had such a fantastic time at Nationals. Robin will be posting her fave stuff from the conference tomorrow, and I'll post mine on Monday.