Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cyber Niches, Some Examples!

We’ve talked a lot here at SVP about how the internet is an introvert’s best friend promotion wise, and if you can find a cyber-niche, so much the better. The truth is, there are a lot of writers out there in the cyber world, and making your blog stand out as something different can really set it apart. Recently, two SVP readers have come up with some really fun, original ideas for creating a cyber-niche and we wanted to share them with you in case they sparked some ideas of your own.

First of all, Thalia Chaltas has created a new blog called Epiphany’s Voice. Thalia writes YA in poetry form and on her blog she’ll share the character’s voices from her novels as they develop. This is a great way to maintain a connection with readers after they’ve finished the book! She also invites others to post epiphanies from their characters, turning the blog into an online brainstorming/creativity session. And by the way, Thalia, Happy Launch Day!!

Our second example is Kay Cassidy, who came up with the absolutely brilliant idea to provide a wonderful service to librarians and in doing so, draw them to her website through The Great Scavenger Hunt Contest, which is a library outreach program for teen and youth librarians. The program is open to librarians in the U.S. and Canada, in public libraries and school libraries alike and offers year-round free programming that’ll keep readers coming back to the library for more. Over 120 YA and middle grade authors have created a 10-question scavenger hunt (i.e. super fun trivia quiz) for one or more of their books. Scavenger hunts include questions like “What was the color of Moe’s hideous car?” or “What is Gemma’s favorite comfort food?” .

Not only is it a great example of creating a cyber-niche for yourself, but a fabulous illustration of karmic marketing at work.

As Kay says,

As a YA author and proud owner of a well-worn library card, I wanted to give something back to all the librarians whose book recommendations helped me grow as a writer and fed my imagination over the years. With the economy in turmoil, funding for public libraries is taking a major hit. School libraries are struggling as well. So I set out to create a totally free program that teen and youth librarians could use to keep kids excited about reading.
So if you’re still trying to come up with your own cyber niche, take a quick peek at these two newest ones for inspiration. And, if you leave a comment on Thalia's blog or Kay's blog post over at this stop on her Blog Tour, we’ll enter your name in a contest to win an ARC of Thalia’s new release, BECAUSE I AM FURNITURE. Be sure and mention in your comment that SVP sent you so we can see that you've entered the contest. And yes, if you comment on both blogs, you'll be entered twice!

And be sure and check out Kay's article, Marketing That Makes a Difference over at Writer Unboxed. It's a must read for anyone trying to develop an internet presence!

(Kay’s upcoming release, THE CINDERELLA SOCIETY, Egmont Books, isn’t out until April 2010, so check back with us then.)


tanita davis said...

Another really NIFTY cyber niche idea comes from the Winston Breen Puzzle Party Tour concocted by author Eric Berlin. Puzzles to solve all along a blog tour!

Kay Cassidy said...

Thanks so much for the shout-out about The Great Scavenger Hunt Contest, Robin! Without gracious authors like you contributing scavenger hunts for their books, The Hunt couldn't exist. :-) Cheers to you!


I love scavenger hunts! Maybe I'll create one for all my wayward characters to go on so I can concentrate on just a few at a time! "And don't come back till you've found why Auntie Pat's stew tastes so rich and, um, gamey!" Better yet, I'll send them on Kay's scavenger hunt. Get them reading, give me some peace. Perfect. Fun idea, Kay!

Robin LaFevers said...

Congratulations Tanita! You're the winner of the drawing! Thanks for visiting both blogs AND leaving another exampe for us here in the comments. Email me (shrinkingviolet (at) so I can mail you your ARC. (It's amaZing! I promise!)