Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sarah Vowell, Violet Superhero

There are at least eight excellent reasons that I think you should take the nine minutes it will take to watch this video of Sarah Vowell, who is the voice for the superhero Violet from The Incredibles.

1. Sarah Vowell is a big introvert. And a New York Times bestselling author like each of us will be. Soon.

2. Sarah Vowell is so cool you won't hardly be able to stand it.

3. Sarah Vowell is extremely funny.

4. Sarah Vowell says things like "... I'm better with dead people."

5. Like Nancy Pearl, she has her own Action Figure-- two actually, and one of them is INVISIBLE.

6. Sarah Vowell makes Abraham Lincoln seem kinda, well, you know, hot.

7. Sarah Vowell does interviews on shows like Jon Stewart and brings down the house. Simply by being herself. What a concept!

8. Could there be a better name for a superhero than Violet?

What do you think, friends? Does she make the cut for our Shrinking Violet Hall of Fame?

Originally posted February 2008--updated December 2009

Just a quick hellloooo from my temporary digs in Texas-- hope you all have survived the holiday celebrations thus far! If any of you haven't, please report in! Your Violets stand by steadfast--ready, willing, able to offer some emotional and spiritual CPR.

Onward to 2010! I resolve to be as thoroughly me as Sarah Vowell is thoroughly her-- with all her marvelous eccentricities. Can you imagine the loss to the world if she tried to vanilla out?
Lord, I shudder at the thought. Any resolutions you'd like to share?

Mary Hershey


Anonymous said...

Assassination Vacation is one of my favorite books. Impossible to read without laughing out loud, just about every page! And Violet is, obviously, my favorite character in The Incredibles.

Kristina said...

Oh, laughing so hard! There is someone out there with as dry or drier humor than myself? No way! I love when she says, "I know I can play the uncomfortable, sarcastic teenager. Yeah, I can fake that!"

She is the super coolest.

Mary Hershey said...

I LOVED Assassination Vacation, too, Becky! I listened to her read it on audio during a road trip and could hardly keep on the road. Killer, killer humor!

Hi, Kristina! Is she a riot or wHaT!!! :-)

Jane Kennedy Sutton said...

She's wonderful! She definitely deserves a spot in the Shrinking Violet Hall of Fame.

boliyou said...

I loved Assassination Vacation, too, but was especially excited - as a Rhode Islander - to read "The Wordy Shipmates." You think Lincoln is hot? Get a load of Roger Williams!