Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Last Call for Nominations (Shouldn't it Be Your Favorite Bookseller?)

Just wanted to pop in and give you all a quick reminder that there are just TWO days left for you to nominate your fave candidate for Independent Bookseller of the Year. Robin and I are dying to send one of these deserving souls out to their favorite resturant on us!

In 100 words or less, send us a post letting us know why we should select your nominee. You can even do it by haiku, by jingle, by george-- just do it! Simply add it as a comment to this post, or if you prefer anonymity, send an email to
Top Secret Nominee Collector.

Once all the nominations are in, we'll send the names to a highly sequestered, talented panel of judges. The winner will be announced this Friday, June 1st.

Here's a simple way you can pay it forward to the people that keep your work and children's literature alive, and in the hands of readers.

Thanks, everyone--
Robin and Mary

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Terry P. said...

Hello Ladies,

I'm sorry ;-), but I've just "tagged" you as part of "8 Things Meme" (you can thank Gregory K. for pulling me into this). If you go to my blog at http://www.terrypierce.blogspot.com, you'll find the oh-so-fun directions, but basically you're to post 8 interesting facts or habits about yourself, then list some of your friends (hopefully not soon-to-be-ex-friends) to participate. It sounded like something the two of you could really get into! (let's see, how many ways can I say I'm an introvert?).

Soooo...tag, you're it!