Monday, April 9, 2007

A Few Housekeeping Things...

1. Tom-A-to, Tom-ah-to

Or in our case, extrAvert, extrOvert
But don’t worry. We won’t be calling the whole thing off…

While Myers Briggs refers to it as extravert, Wikipedia and 1,700,000 other Googled sites refer to it as extrovert. In an effort to be all-inclusive, Mary will be using one spelling, while I will be using the other. So no, we’re not mixed up or confused, we’re just covering all the bases.

2. Our blogging is settling down into a weekly routine, and it is our goal to have new posts up on Monday and Thursday. I tell you this to save you unnecessary cyber surfing and procrastination. I fully believe that if one is going to procrastinate, one should do so efficiently.

3. You may have noticed we’ve posted a new link to a new Myers Briggs Test. This one will give you your full letters (INFJ) rather than a designated personality type (The Idealist).

4. We’re also posting the names of who we’ll be featuring in upcoming interviews. If you have any specific questions you’d like us to ask, please email us with the questions! We’d love to have your input!

5. Which brings me to the last issue; we want this blog to be helpful to YOU. If you have questions or concerns or subjects you’d like to see covered, please email Mary or I. We’d love to talk about them here on the blog!


Mary Hershey said...

Robin! Robin! I see we've caught you houskeeping in pumps once again. I thought we'd talked about mules being the more sensible choice for the job?

Thanks for the all the good info you've posted here.

Glad to see upcoming interviews posted on the right! I can't wait to till Brent's interview. Just finished GEOGRAPHY CLUB and really loved it.

And, I'm glad you've pointed your perky little duster on our running discrepancy on extrAvert vs. extrOvert, Rabin. Didn't want people to think we were poor editors. We are just very inclusive spellers.

Mory :-@

R.L. LaFevers said...

Hah! Good try, Mory! But everyone knows I never wear anything but crosstrainers or some slightly twisted version of mary janes on my feet. Those are yours! ('Fess up now...) And if anyone needed any additional proof, it's in the duster. I dust once every two months, whereas you were born with a duster clutched in your tiny infant fist. It hasn't left since.